60:15-3-9. Records retention and preservation 
(a)    County clerks shall retain all records in their custody in accordance with sections 284 and 286 of Title 19, sections 15-112 and 15-117 of Title 12A, and sections 301 and 302 of Title 67 of the Oklahoma Statutes.
(b)    The registrar of deeds records in the custody of the county clerk shall be permanently preserved. Producing security microfilm that is created within the guidelines of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and properly stored and handled is recommended. The Commission rules for microfilm can be found at: http://www.odl.state.ok.us/oar/docs/oar-rules.pdf, the Oklahoma Department of Libraries website.
[Source: Added at 27 Ok Reg 1369, eff 6-11-10]