60:15-3-2. Web portals standards 
(a)    The World Wide Web is the most common delivery medium used for electronic documents, and use of web portals enables these transactions.
(1)    Web portals can take on a variety of forms, from simple single entry sites used by an individual county clerk to support their own efforts, or by a collection of county clerks where the site provides both content and document routing.
(2)    Web portals can be created by anyone, so long as the site supports all three PRIA models and complies with security requirements.
(3)    The Commission shall not create or promote a mandatory Web portal.
(4)    Each county clerk shall decide the portal used in their county.
(b)    A document delivered over the Web shall provide a minimum amount of information in the electronic documents delivered which is sufficient to identify and authenticate the sender to the county clerk and an itemization of the contents of the package.
(c)    Payment processing capabilities shall be determined by the county clerk with advice of a portal provider.
(1)    Web portals may provide payment processing functionality.
(2)    Payment processing, if supplied at the portal, shall comply with industry standards and any rules that may be promulgated by the Commission.
(3)    Each county clerk is authorized to decide on approved methods of payment which could include but not be limited to debit or credit cards, ACH, and prepaid fee accounts.
[Source: Added at 27 Ok Reg 1369, eff 6-11-10]