60:10-8-4. Documentation standards 
     The following are the minimum documentation standards for maintaining state government records on optical imaging systems. All agencies using optical imaging systems for maintaining state government records shall maintain complete, up to date technical, operational, and security documentation that includes at least:
(1)    The brand names; version numbers; serial numbers; and dates of installation, upgrades, replacements, and conversions for all hardware and software.
(2)    A narrative description of the system.
(3)    The physical and technical characteristics of the records, including a record layout that describes each field including its name, size, starting or relative position, and a description of the form of the data (such as alphabetic, decimal, or numeric), or a data dictionary, or the equivalent information associated with a data base management system including a description of the relationship between data elements and data bases.
(4)    Operating procedures, including methods for scanning, editing, revising, updating, indexing, or expunging records, and for backing up disks;
(5)    All hardware and software operating manuals;
(6)    Any other technical information needed to read or process the records.
[Source: Amended at 12 Ok Reg 1331, eff 6-1-95]