60:10-3-5. Destruction of duplicate records, substantive records, ancillary records, nonrecords materials, or damaged records 
(a)    Substantive records. Substantive records are those that document the organization, functions, policies, procedures, operations and essential transactions of an agency, board, commission, or institution.
(b)    Ancillary records. Ancillary records are routine in nature, having neither evidential nor informational value beyond the immediate use for which they were created or received, nor do they contain supporting documentation for financial or business transactions of an agency. Ancillary records must be approved for disposition by the Archives and Records Commission in the same manner as substantive program records. When difficulty arises in defining a specific record as ancillary, it shall be considered a substantive record.
(c)    Nonrecord material. Nonrecord materials exhibit none of the attributes of records and may be destroyed by an agency when no longer of immediate value. When difficulty arises in defining material as nonrecord, it shall be considered a record [67 O.S., Section 211].
(d)    Damaged records. State agencies with records that have been subject to extensive physical damage or destruction from natural or human-caused disasters prior to the expiration of established retention periods must, within 24 hours of discovery, inform and initiate a written request to the Archives and Records Commission through the State Records Administrator to authorize emergency disposition of said records. The Commission shall authorize destruction, or shall require that information from all or part of the damaged records be recreated or the physical records salvaged if said records contain information essential to the operations of state government or to the protection of the legal, financial or other rights or interests of the citizens or the state.
[Source: Amended at 12 Ok Reg 1331, eff 6-1-95; Amended at 15 Ok Reg 1375, eff 4-27-98]