60:10-3-2. Records scheduling 
(a)    Records disposition schedules. The Archives and Records Commission shall have final authority in the approval or disapproval of records disposition schedules submitted by a state board, agency, commission, or institution. An approved records disposition schedule shall be a board's, agency's, commission's, or institution's continuing legal authority to dispose of records listed in the records disposition schedule in the manner the schedule provides. Any deletions, additions, or changes in retention periods or method of disposition for records in the schedule must be approved by the Commission.
(b)    Notification of intent to destroy records. Agencies wishing to destroy records in accordance with approved records disposition schedules must notify the State Records Administrator on a form provided by the Records Management Division of their intent to destroy thirty (30) days in advance of destruction. Such notification must include the schedule number, the names of records to be destroyed, inclusive dates and the volume of records in cubic feet, reels of microfilm, or other applicable quantity.
(c)    Continuing destruction authorization. The State Records Administrator may authorize annually each July for the current fiscal year destruction of records scheduled, in accordance with approved records disposition schedules, for destruction quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily without requiring an agency to notify him of the intent to destroy these records thirty (30) days in advance as provided by (b) of this Section. Agencies shall notify the State Records Administrator in June of each year on the volume of records destroyed under this authorization, and may request authorization for the next fiscal year.
(d)    Exemption. Subsection (b) of this Section shall not apply to records that have an approved disposition of "Retain in office and destroy after primary use," "Retain in office until no longer required for administrative purposes, then destroy," "Retain in office and destroy upon verification," or "Retain in office until superseded, then destroy."
[Source: Amended at 12 Ok Reg 1331, eff 6-1-95]