60:10-3-1. Records management program 
(a)    The State Records Administrator shall establish and administer a records management program which will apply efficient and economical management methods to the creation, utilization, maintenance, retention, preservation and disposal of state records [67 O.S., Section 204]. The program will be administered by the State Archives and Records Management Divisions of the Office of Archives and Records of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries under the authority of the State Records Administrator and direction of the Office Administrator.
(b)    The head of each state agency shall establish and maintain an active, continuing program for the economical and efficient management of records, cooperate...in the conduct of surveys of the agency's records, and comply with...rules and regulations, standards and procedures issued by the State Records Administrator and the Archives and Records Commission [67 O.S., Section 206].
(c)    The Records Management Division shall assist state agencies in the management and disposition of their records through consultations and surveys of their records, equipment, and storage facilities, leading to the preparation of records disposition schedules and records disposition authorizations.
[Source: Amended at 12 Ok Reg 1331, eff 6-1-95]