60:10-11-2. Archival microfilming service fees 
     The Department of Libraries is authorized to provide microfilming services to state agencies or subdivisions of Oklahoma government and to be paid for these services on the basis of fee schedules established by the Archives and Records Commission [67 O.S., Section 301].
(1)    Microfilm. The following fees shall be charged for microfilm:
(A)    16mm microfilm. Providing duplicates of 16mm film by photographic duplication of original: $25.00 per 100 ft. roll; $27.50 per 215 ft. roll.
(B)    35mm microfilm. Providing duplicates of 35mm film: $30.00 per 100 ft. roll.
(C)    105mm microfilm. Providing duplicates of 105mm fiche: $0.50 for first copy plus $0.25 for additional copies of the same fiche.
(2)    Security film storage. There shall be no charge for storing master negatives of state agency and local government microfilm and microfiche in the Department of Libraries microform security vaults.
(3)    Other micrographics services. The fee for any services in addition to basic processing, duplicating and automatic-feed filming shall be $15 per hour of staff time.
[Source: Amended at 12 Ok Reg 1331, eff 6-1-95; Amended at 16 Ok Reg 1005, eff 5-14-99]