60:1-1-7. Requests for promulgation, amendments, or repeal of a rule 
(a)    Requests for promulgation, amendment, or repeal of a rule shall be made in writing to the State Archivist and State Records Administrator. Requests shall give the text of a proposed new rule or amendment, and cite such rules as are requested to be repealed or amended, and shall explain the reasons for the request.
(b)    Requests outlined in (a) of this Section shall be placed on the next agenda for the Commission's consideration and disposition, and the interested party shall be given reasonable notice of the date, time, and place of such meeting, and informed promptly in writing of the Commission's decision in the matter.
(c)    Any resulting action to adopt a new rule or amendment or to repeal an existing rule shall be taken at an early date at an open hearing conducted in accordance with the notice and other requirements of the Administrative Procedures Act [75 O. S. Section 250 et. seq.].
[Source: Amended at 12 Ok Reg 1329, eff 6-1-95]