60:1-1-2. Archives and Records Commission 
     The Commission is a five member board created by state law enacted in 1947. It has the sole, entire and exclusive authority for the disposition of all public records and archives of state officers, departments, boards, commissions, agencies, and institutions [67 O.S., Section 305]. By law no record created or received in the transaction of official business can be destroyed by a state agency without prior approval from the Commission. Members include a Chairman appointed by the Governor, the State Librarian and State Archivist (Director of the Department of Libraries) as Vice-Chairman and Secretary, the Lieutenant Governor, the State Auditor and Inspector, and the State Treasurer. Any member may appoint a proxy for the purposes of carrying out the duties of the Commission.
[Source: Amended at 12 Ok Reg 1329, eff 6-1-95]