580:61-1-3. Requirements of law; agency responsibility 
(a)    General. In accordance with section 61.7 (D), each state agency, board, commission and public trust having the State of Oklahoma as a beneficiary shall submit all information requested concerning the state-owned properties the recipient of the request controls, uses, or for which the recipient accounts, to the Department of Central Services within 60 days of the date the request is electronically sent. Each state agency that receives a request for data from the Department of Central Services pursuant to the Asset Reduction and Cost Savings Program is required to fully respond to the request.
(b)    Information Format. The information contained in the response shall be in electronic form in the format designated by the Department of Central Services within the request. Forms or instructions will be developed by for use by the agencies to facilitative requirements of this chapter. The Real Estate division of the Department of Central Services shall publish the forms on the agency website and provide forms upon request.
(c)    Extension. Additional time to respond may be granted by the Administrator or a designee, only upon a written request made ten (10) days before the expiration of the date the response is originally due. The request for extension shall include the reasons any extension is necessary and shall list the information that is not available without an extension. Such requests may or may not be granted by the Administrator.
(d)    Non-Responsive. In the event that any agency receives a request and fails to timely respond with the information required, the recipient will be listed as nonresponsive in the report provided to the Legislature and will be published on the "data.ok.gov" website.
[Source: Added at 29 Ok Reg 1718, eff 7-26-12]