580:60-1-2. Definitions 
     The following words and terms, when used in this Subchapter, shall have the following meaning unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:
"Administrator of State Leasing" means the person designated by the Director of the Department of Central Services to formulate, enter into, or administer contracts for real property leases or make written determinations and findings with respect to them.
"Agency" means any commission, authority, council, department, division, bureau, board or section of the State of Oklahoma.
"Full time employee (FTE)" means those permanent state employees as defined by the Office of Personnel Management.
"Leasing forms" means forms the Director of the Department of Central Services shall approve for real property leasing transactions to be utilized by the State Leasing office, vendors, and other state agencies.
"Maintenance" means the repair or preventative up-keep of equipment, machinery, and building features or fixtures.
"Net usable square feet" means the space in non-state owned facilities for which the State shall pay a square foot rate.
(A)    If the space is on a single tenancy floor or building, computing the inside gross area of the space by measuring from the normal inside finish of the permanent exterior walls, or from the face of the convector (pipes or other wall-hung fixtures) if the convector occupies at least 50% of the length of the walls.
(B)    If the space is on a multiple tenancy floor, measure from the exterior building walls as above (#A) and to the room side finish of the fixed corridor and shaft walls and/or the center of tenant-separating partitions.
(C)    In all measurements, make no deductions for the columns and projections enclosing the structural elements of the building; and deduct from the gross area the following, including enclosing walls:
(i)    Toilets and lounges
(ii)    Stairwells and bearing partitions
(iii)    Elevator and escalator shafts
(iv)    Building equipment and service areas
(v)    Entrance and all elevator lobbies
(vi)    Stacks and shafts
(vii)    Fixed or common use corridors
(D)    Common-Area space accessible to and/or utilized by entities other than the State is not included as net usable square feet.
(E)    If restrooms are available in a common area of a multiple tenant building, those restrooms within the state's leased space which are for the state's exclusive use, shall be included as net usable square feet.
(F)    When the only accessible restroom facilities in a building are within the state's leased space, one set of restrooms and their enclosing walls shall be deducted from the net usable square feet.
"Office space" means space used primarily as work areas for personnel, conference areas, reception areas, hearing rooms, drafting areas, etc. Minor storage areas, such as storage of miscellaneous supplies or stationary and file cabinet space within a private office or adjacent to clerical personnel are also included in "office space."
"Personnel" means the peak number of persons to be located in the space, to include permanent employees of the agency, temporaries, contractual employees and budgeted vacancies.
"Rental Rate Ceiling" means the net usable square foot rate established by the Department of Central Services as the maximum rental consideration to be made for non-state owned facilities. The ceiling is not to be interpreted as the standard rate, only as the maximum rate.
(A)    On full service leases, which include all utilities except telephones, 5 day per week janitorial services and supplies, and general parking, the rental rate shall not exceed the ceiling rate.
(B)    On net leases, which exclude utilities and/or 5 day per week janitorial services or general parking, the rate shall not exceed the ceiling rate when rent related expenses are added to the base rate (i.e. utilities except telephones, 5 day per week janitorial, parking, etc.).
(C)    If a lease rate does not include all or part of the utility expenses, documentation of the most recent 12 month period in which the space was occupied shall be utilized to estimate what the total rent related expenses will be to the agency and shall be considered in both rental negotiations and by the Department of Central Services in evaluation/authorization of the lease.
(D)    On those full service or net leases wherein the janitorial services is to be provided less than five days per week (either at the Lessor or state's expense), the Department of Central Services shall provide the agency with the acceptable rental rate.
"Standard space specifications" means those specifications, as developed and approved by the Department of Central Services, which define the building requirements in privately leased space.
"State owned space" means space, the title to which is vested, or will become vested pursuant to existing agreement with the State of Oklahoma.
"State space standards" means the standard guidelines for the determination of an agency's space needs in state owned and non-state owned facilities, and all real property purchased or lease-purchased by the State.
"Storage space" means areas used primarily for storing furniture, fixtures, equipment and inactive files. Desk space for warehousemen located within larger storage areas are also included in "storage space."
[Source: Added at 16 Ok Reg 3125, eff 7-12-99]