40:50-1-7. Service center licensing process 
(a)    All service centers located in the state of Oklahoma or within the inclusion zone must be licensed by the Board in accordance with the requirements stated herein.
(b)    A service center shall be located in a fixed facility which:
(1)    Is staffed at all times with at least one (1) ignition interlock technician duly licensed by the Board or prominently displays the days and times at which the ignition interlock technician is on duty at the location and ignition interlock services are available, and
(2)    Properly and successfully accommodates installation, maintenance and calibration, removal and any other necessary services related to a specific device.
(c)    Each service center shall be inspected annually by a designated representative of the Board. Additional inspections may be performed as needed or as directed by the Board.
(d)    A vendor shall inform the Board of a licensed service center change of address within fifteen days of the change by accessing the Board website.
(e)    A vendor seeking licensure for a service center shall initiate a service center license application and remit the appropriate fee by accessing the Board website.
(f)    The applicant shall complete the service center license application.
(g)    Each application for licensure shall be for a single service center. Separate service center applications are required for additional service centers.
(h)    Prior to issuance of a license, an on-site evaluation may be required by the Board to ensure compliance with the requirements in this title.
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EDITOR’S NOTE: 1See first Editor's Note at beginning of this Chapter and Editor's Notice at 21 Ok Reg 3123.
EDITOR’S NOTE: 2See second Editor's Note at beginning of this Chapter for additional information about these two emergency actions.