40:50-1-3.1. Violation reset 
(a)    A violation reset shall be activated by any of the following:
(1)    Three (3) penalty fails, at startup, within a fifteen (15) minute time frame.
(2)    A circumvention.
(3)    A retest violation.
(b)    When a violation reset is activated, the device will initiate a unique audible and/or visual cue that will warn the driver that the device will enter a permanent lockout in five (5) days. This event will be uniquely recorded in the data storage system and will simultaneously start a countdown that culminates in the permanent lockout. A licensed ignition interlock technician shall remedy a permanent lockout in person. However, the Director may approve standards and procedures for an override lockout. For the purposes of this section, override lockout means a method of overriding a lockout condition by providing a breath sample.
(c)    Anytime a device is submitted pursuant to a violation reset the licensed ignition interlock technician shall perform a violation reset service consisting of, but not limited to:
(1)    Performing a calibration confirmation test in accordance with this title, and
(2)    Retrieving all data contained in the data storage system. Proper record maintenance shall be ensured as required in this title.
[Source: Added at 27 Ok Reg 2667, eff 8-26-10; Amended at 32 Ok Reg 15369, eff 9-11-15]