405:25-1-2. Definitions 
     The following words or terms, when used in this Chapter shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:
"Bibliographic access" means the provision of author, title, and subject indexes to the library materials, classification and location.
"Free library service" means that libraries will provide circulation of books and library materials and admittance to library programs without charge in their service area, i.e., town, city, county or library system.
"Library system" means libraries organized under Title 65, Article 4 of the Oklahoma Statutes and funded under Article 10, § 10 A of the Oklahoma Constitution.
"Long range plan" means a written strategy for action for improvement of library service over a specified period of time officially adopted by the library board.
"ODL" means the Oklahoma Department of Libraries as defined in 65 O.S. § 3-101.
"Statement of purpose" means a written declaration of the role the library has chosen to serve its community officially adopted by the library board.
[Source: Amended at 16 Ok Reg 3052, eff 7-12-99; Amended at 34 Ok Reg 1756, eff 9-11-17]