405:20-7-1. Standards for state publication identification 
     To achieve bibliographic control of state government publications and to assure that the identity of a publication can be ascertained in terms of the issuing authority, author, and subject matter sufficient to distinguish it from other publications, the following information shall be included on the title page or other suitable place near the beginning of each state publication required to be deposited with the Publications Clearinghouse:
(1)    full name of the issuing agency, including the division or subdivision responsible for publication, and the parent body;
(2)    name of any personal author to whom credit is intended to be given;
(3)    title of the publication;
(4)    date and place of publication;
(5)    frequency of issue (for periodicals and serials);
(6)    volume and number of issue (for periodicals and serials); and
(7)    date of issue (for periodicals and serials).