405:20-11-3. Designation of depositories 
     The director of a library in Oklahoma wishing to receive state government publications through the Depository Library System shall submit a written request to the Director of the Department of Libraries. The Director shall review the application submitted, taking into consideration user needs, geographic locations and the level of service to be provided. The Director shall execute a contract with a library participating in the Depository Library System setting forth the responsibilities of the Publications Clearinghouse to distribute publications and provide other services; and the responsibilities of the participating library to receive and maintain publications deposited, not to dispose of publications without prior notice to the Publications Clearinghouse, to provide adequate facilities for the storage and use of such publications, to provide free services to patrons in the use of such publications, and to fulfill other requirements as set forth by the Department in its standards for the Depository Library System. The contract shall contain provisions for termination by either party upon proper notice.
[Source: Amended at 16 Ok Reg 3048, eff 7-12-99]