405:10-5-4. Incorporation of existing public libraries into a system 
(a)    When any multi-county system is established under the provisions of 65, §§4-101 through 4-107, existing public libraries in the district may be incorporated into the system under a unified administration by act of local governing bodies or vote of the people as provided in the procedure for establishment, and the system plan for library service and development shall be revised and amended accordingly and filed with the Department of Libraries for approval of the Department Board.
(b)    The local governing body shall provide the Department of Libraries with an inventory listing the assets of the public library which is to be incorporated into the system, and shall give assurance that such assets may be used for the purpose of multi-county library service, provided that such assets shall be returned to the city if multi-county library service should be terminated.
[Source: Amended at 16 Ok Reg 3040, eff 7-12-99]