405:10-3-1. Creation of public library systems 
(a)    Persons seeking to improve local library services by establishment of a public library system should contact the Office of Library Development, Oklahoma Department of Libraries, and request that a public library consultant be assigned to provide technical assistance. The Department will assist local citizens and groups to develop the initial plan for system library service and development which will be incorporated into the application for approval of the library system as submitted to the Department. The plan shall be submitted on forms provided by or following an outline prescribed by the Director of the Department.
(b)    Cities and counties are authorized by 65 O.S., §4-101, to join in creation, development, operation and maintenance of public library systems to serve multi-county systems. Under the Oklahoma Library Code, multi-county public library systems may be created either upon the initiative of the local governing bodies in the proposed district, or by vote of the people following a popular petition for such a vote.
(1)    Creation upon initiative of local governing bodies.
(A)    A library system may be created by resolution or ordinance approved by Boards of County Commissioners and the governing bodies of cities or towns within the proposed district, as set forth in 65 O.S., §4-102. The form of County Commissioner resolution shall be that shown in Appendix A of this chapter. The form of city ordinance shall be that shown in Appendix B of this Chapter.
(B)    Such resolution and ordinances together with the initial plan for system library service and development shall constitute application for approval by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries Board when submitted to the Board. Date of application shall be the date by which all required executed ordinances and resolutions have been received by the Department.
(2)    Creation by vote of the people.
(A)    Residents of each county may petition the Board of County Commissioners to hold an election to create a multi-county library district, as set forth in 65 O.S. Section 4-102. The ballot title or the election shall specify the type of system to be created and the district to be served.
(B)    The election to create the library district may include a vote on funding the library system through the proceeds of the library ad valorem tax.
(C)    If the election to create a library district is successful, the citizens of the counties concerned may apply to the Department of Libraries Board for approval of the library district.
[Source: Amended at 16 Ok Reg 3040, eff 7-12-99]