405:10-1-2. Definitions 
     The following words or terms, when used in this Chapter, shall have the following meaning, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise
"Assets" means
(A)    furnishings and equipment costing $100 or more per unit,
(B)    library materials,
(C)    land,
(D)    buildings, and
(E)    unobligated cash.
"Board" means the Oklahoma Department of Libraries Board.
"Department" means the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.
"Director" means the Director of the Department of Libraries.
"District" means the geographical area comprising a library system from which public funds are derived for library system service.
"Library" means the contents as well as the building equipment and facilities of the institution.
"Library ad valorem tax" means the special tax for cooperative library services authorized by Article X, Section 10-A of the Oklahoma Constitution.
"Library materials" means the print and nonprint informational and cultural materials generally owned by libraries such as books, magazines, newspapers and pictures; microforms and films such as fiche, cards, strips, and slides; audio and video recordings; and databases.
"Library system" means a unified public library organization under single direction in an area of not less than one county and approved by the Board of the Department.
"Multi-county library" means a library system which is the public library for a library district composed of two or more counties.
"Public library" means a library or library system that is freely open to all persons under identical conditions, and which is supported in whole or in part by public funds.
"Service period" means the fiscal years during which the library ad valorem tax or other local revenues from the withdrawing area were contributed to the library system and during which the withdrawing area was provided full system library service.
"Standards" means the criteria pertaining to the scope and quality of library facilities, levels of financial support, adequacy and qualifications of personnel, organization and resources for service, areas of service and population to be served, and other factors deemed necessary to insure proper, economical and effective use of funds and resources in providing library facilities and services.
"System Board" means the Board of Trustees of a library system.
"Withdrawing area" means the county or counties, or parts of a county or counties, which by a majority vote of qualified electors voting in the latest preceding general election of the county or counties have elected to withdraw from a library system.