405:1-1-3. Library Service 
(a)    It shall be the policy of the State of Oklahoma to promote, support, and implement the development and maintenance of adequate public and special library facilities and services throughout the state in whatever forms and by whatever means may be most beneficial and feasible. Adequate library services are deemed to be necessary to the cultural, educational and economic development of the State of Oklahoma and to the health, safety and welfare of its people and to be the responsibility of government at all levels. (65 O.S. 1981, §1-102)
(b)    It is the purpose of the Oklahoma Library Code to accomplish the policy of this subsection by providing for:
(1)    Creation of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries to discharge the responsibility and exercise the authority of the State of Oklahoma for adequate library facilities and services in and for state government and throughout the state.
(2)    Establishment, development and operation of libraries and library systems throughout the state with the goal of providing adequate library services to all the people of the state.
(3)    Financial support for libraries with guidelines for maximum economy and effectiveness in use of all funds.
(4)    Cooperation with other state agencies, federal agencies and private organizations in effecting the purposes of this Code. (65 O.S.1981, §1-103)