390:35-5-11. Temporary licenses; out-of-state practitioners 
     Any private investigator, or security guard who is duly licensed in another state as a security guard or private investigator may obtain a temporary license to conduct business in this state subject to the following provisions:
(1)    Said private investigator or security guard must immediately, or as soon as possible, register with CLEET;
(2)    Provide proof of a valid license granted by another state;
(3)    Provide proof of adequate financial responsibility in the form of insurance or surety bond as set forth in the rules of this Chapter; and
(4)    Provide a general description of business to be conducted.
(5)    No temporary license shall be granted to authorize the possession or use of firearms.
(6)    A person obtaining temporary authorization shall not violate any federal, state or municipal laws, or the provisions of the rules of this Chapter.
(7)    Any security guard or private investigator who is licensed in another state and conducts business pursuant to this Act for a period of longer than thirty (30) days, shall be required to obtain a regular license.
[Source: Amended at 28 Ok Reg 1740, eff 6-25-11]