245:15-21-3. Specifications for Certified Corner Records 
     The Board has established the following specifications for Certified Corner Records, which are also included in the Instruction Manual for Certified Corner Records adopted by the Board:
(1)    Each Certified Corner Record shall be signed, sealed and dated in the manner prescribed by Title 59, O.S. Section 475.15 and OAC 245:15-17-2.
(2)    Each Certified Corner Record shall be complete, accurate and contain the following information:
(A)    Classification as either an existent, obliterated or lost corner, as defined by the current Manual of Surveying Instructions published by the United States Bureau of Land Management; and
(B)    Corner identity; and
(C)    Description of the original monument, accessories, and any subsequent restoration by the United States government; and
(D)    Monument description when the corner monument is found and a listing of sufficient supporting evidence; or monument description when the monument is set, the method used if the corner is classified as lost, and a listing of sufficient evidence to support the position if the corner is obliterated; and
(E)    Description of, and angular and linear measurements to, at least three (3) readily identifiable and permanent accessories; and
(F)    A legible sketch showing the relative positions of the monument, the accessories, streets, any conflicting monuments and other identifying features, including a north arrow; and
(G)    Oklahoma state plane coordinates (if determined); and
(H)    Professional Land Surveyor's certificate.
[Source: Added at 10 Ok Reg 2211, eff 6-11-93; Amended at 23 Ok Reg 896, eff 5-11-06; Amended at 26 Ok Reg 1035, eff 5-11-09; Amended at 30 Ok Reg 1928, eff 7-25-13]