245:15-21-2. Recordation of corners 
(a)    Each Certified Corner Record shall be prepared on the Certified Corner Record Form adopted by the Board in accordance with the Instruction Manual for Oklahoma Certified Corner Records adopted by the Board.
(b)    The Professional Land Surveyor shall complete and file a Certified Corner Record for every public land survey corner which is established, reestablished, monumented, remonumented, restored, rehabilitated, perpetuated, or used as control in any survey. The completed Certified Corner Record shall be filed within ninety (90) days after the survey is completed, unless the public land survey corner and accessories are substantially as described in an existing, filed Certified Corner Record. The Board shall consider a survey complete when any one of the following occurs:
(1)    Monuments have been established; or
(2)    A plat or drawing has been submitted; or
(3)    Field notes for plans or planned purposed have been submitted.
[Source: Added at 10 Ok Reg 2211, eff 6-11-93; Amended at 26 Ok Reg 1035, eff 5-11-09; Amended at 30 Ok Reg 1928, eff 7-25-13]