210:35-3-61. Statement of the standard 
     The curriculum translates the school's statement of philosophy (and/or mission) and goals into learning objectives and activities. The core curriculum shall be designed to teach competencies for which students shall be tested. The curriculum shall be designed to prepare all students for employment and/or post secondary education. The school shall use varied measures to determine the extent to which individual students are achieving the goals and levels of competencies. The instructional program is designed to impart the knowledge and skills essential to function successfully in a democratic society. Instruction is based on the selection and implementation of activities which enable each student to achieve the goals and objectives of the curriculum. Curricular activities are learning activities within the instructional process that occur in an accredited course during the school day to assist students in achieving the Priority Academic Student Skills. The co-curricular activities are an integral part of instructional programs which foster Priority Academic Student Skills that are consistent with the stated goals and objectives of the various disciplines. To accomplish these stated goals and objectives, selected activities may be offered off campus as an extension of classroom instruction. Extracurricular activities enhance the educational process but are not essential to the achievement of Priority Academic Student Skills.
[Source: Added at 8 Ok Reg 2159, eff 5-17-91 (emergency); Added at 9 Ok Reg 2371, eff 7-13-92; Amended at 14 Ok Reg 3577, eff 7-30-97 (emergency); Amended at 15 Ok Reg 2306, eff 6-11-98]