Title 35 - Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry   [Return]

Chapter 30 - Combined Pesticide  [Return]

Subchapter 13 - Imported Fire Ant Quarantine

Section 35:30-13-1Establishment of quarantine
Section 35:30-13-2Definitions
Section 35:30-13-3Regulated area
Section 35:30-13-4Regulated articles
Section 35:30-13-5Article certification exemptions
Section 35:30-13-6Interstate movement restrictions
Section 35:30-13-7Movement for scientific purposes
Section 35:30-13-8Intrastate movement
Section 35:30-13-9Interstate movement
Section 35:30-13-10Inspection and disposal
Section 35:30-13-11Waiver of liability