Title 40 - Board of Tests for Alcohol and Drug Influence   [Return]

Chapter 50 - Ignition Interlock Devices

Section 40:50-1-1Explanation of terms and actions [Revoked]
Section 40:50-1-1.1Definitions
Section 40:50-1-2 Device certification process
Section 40:50-1-2.1Approval and denial
Section 40:50-1-2.2Annual recertification
Section 40:50-1-2.3Revocation of certification
Section 40:50-1-2.4Modification of a certified device
Section 40:50-1-3 Standards and specifications
Section 40:50-1-3.1Violation reset
Section 40:50-1-3.2Reportable violations
Section 40:50-1-4Miscellaneous requirements [Revoked]
Section 40:50-1-4.1Installation requirements
Section 40:50-1-5Maintenance and calibration
Section 40:50-1-6Approval, denial, and withdrawal of approval [Revoked]
Section 40:50-1-6.1Removal requirements
Section 40:50-1-7 Service center licensing process
Section 40:50-1-7.1Approval and denial
Section 40:50-1-7.2Annual renewal
Section 40:50-1-7.3Inactivation, suspension and revocation
Section 40:50-1-8Ignition interlock technician
Section 40:50-1-8.1Approval and denial
Section 40:50-1-8.2Annual renewal
Section 40:50-1-8.3Inactivation, suspension and revocation
Section 40:50-1-9Ignition interlock inspector [Revoked]
Section 40:50-1-10 Appeal process
Section 40:50-1-11Approved ignition interlock devices [Revoked]

[Authority: 47 O.S., § 759]
[Source: Codified 6-25-05]