Title 195 - Board of Dentistry   [Return]

Chapter 20 - Rules Governing the Administration of Anesthesia

Section 195:20-1-1Purpose
Section 195:20-1-2Definitions
Section 195:20-1-3Nitrous oxide analgesia [Revoked]
Section 195:20-1-3.1Pediatric conscious sedation utilizing enteral methods (oral, rectal, sublingual)
Section 195:20-1-4Conscious sedation utilizing parenteral methods
Section 195:20-1-5General anesthesia (to include deep sedation)
Section 195:20-1-6Fatalities [Revoked]
Section 195:20-1-7Minimal standards for dentists utilizing enteral conscious sedation (oral, rectal, sublingual)
Section 195:20-1-8Minimal standards for dentists utilizing conscious sedation by parenteral methods
Section 195:20-1-9Minimal standards for dentists utilizing general anesthesia or deep sedation
Section 195:20-1-10Application for permits
Section 195:20-1-11Temporary permits
Section 195:20-1-12Adverse occurrences
Section 195:20-1-13Inspection schedule
Section 195:20-1-14Anesthesia Advisory Committee

[Authority: 59 O.S., § 328.15]
[Source: Codified 5-22-91]