Title 580 - Department of Central Services   [Return]

Chapter 55 - Alternative Fuels Program  [Return]

Subchapter 1 - General Provisions [Revoked]

Section 580:55-1-1Purpose [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-1.1Duties and responsibilities [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-2Definitions [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-3Work of alternative fuels technician by non-certified person [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-4Applications for examinations, certification or renewal of certification [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-5Contents of application [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-6Fees [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-7Processing and handling of applications and examinations [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-8Certificate qualification and transfer or loan of certificate [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-9Standards [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-10Change of address of holder of certificate or registration [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-11Certificate required by agency [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-12Insurance requirements [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-13Guidelines for certificate renewal [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-14Decals and conversion reporting procedure [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-15Alternative Fuels Technician Hearing Board; complaints, investigations, false or fraudulent representation, suspension or revocation of certificate [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-16Alternative Fuels Technician Certification Revolving Fund [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-17Violations; criminal penalties [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-18Violations; civil penalties; determination of penalty amount; surrender of certificate in lieu of fine [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-21Purpose [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-22 [Reserved]
Section 580:55-1-23Definitions [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-24 [Reserved]
Section 580:55-1-25Duties and responsibilities of the Committee of Alternative Fuels Technician Examiners [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-26 [Reserved]
Section 580:55-1-27Duties and responsibilities of the Alternative Fuels Technician Hearing Board [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-28 [Reserved]
Section 580:55-1-29Alternative Fuels Technician Certification Revolving Fund [Revoked]
Section 580:55-1-33 [Reserved]